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Action Plan is an web-based application which improves coordination of action plans in a company, through easy assigning of tasks to individual members of the organization.

Any organization employing over 50 people faces communication problems. This manifests itself in many areas, but always leads to the same effect - delays in implementing plans.

What causes problems in communications?

  • Inability to effectively enforce deadlines,
  • Lack of correlation between actions,
  • Lack of clearly defined responsibility,
  • Lack of sufficient descriptions and data,
  • Difficult task delegation,
  • Lack of reports and summaries available in real time.

Fortunately, these are problems that can be easily prevented using the appropriate software.

After appropriate parameterization, a clear flow of ideas evaluation can be determined, and by assigning responsible persons and setting time limits, know exactly who should do what and when.
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Tomasz Rupik
— Continous Improvement Coordinator at Cooper Standard

How does the Action Plan work?

Makes cooperation and communication in organizations simpler

The heart of the application are action plans that allow you to divide complex tasks into steps, designate people responsible for implementation and track progress.

Sample action plan

Works in browser

Action Plan is a web application and can be launched in a web browser just like any other website. Therefore it does not require complicated installation or caring for updates. To enter a new employee simply create an account and send the link to login.

Login screen

Tree-like organization structure

You can freely manage the structure of the organization, i.e. create departments, branches and other organizational units, and then arrange them into a transparent, tree-like structure. This will give you better transparency of action plans.

Organization tree

Test the Action Plan in your organization

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Basic Features

Reports and notifications

We send email notifications when something that the user should know about occurs, e.g. when someone assigns him a new action. The application will remind your subordinates about the need to perform an action for you. In addition, we send summary reports every day: e.g. overdue activities, waiting for approval. Of course, you can opt out of reports.

Sample email notification

Comments and attachments

To facilitate communication within the action plan, we've added the ability to comment and add attachments. All documents needed to complete the plan can be attached and described in the comment.

Sample comments


Repetitive actions can be saved as templates.
The template allows you to quickly create a new plan based on the previous one.


Your data is absolutely safe! A secure SSL connection is used to work with the Action Plan. In addition, we make daily backups of databases and maintain backup servers in the event of a failure.

Your own Action Plan

Each customer receives his own www address and own database. In this way, we guarantee that server resources will match the requirements and size of your organization.

HTTPS address

Polish and English version

The application is available in Polish and English. Each user can choose the version they want to use.

Charts and analyzes available "on the spot"

Every day we process data and present it in the form of charts. In this way, you can track the number of actions and plans carried out in the expected time and the crew's involvement. Data is available for each part of the organization tree and for each user.

Sample chart

Additional functional modules

The base module that allows you to run any action plans is just the beginning. In response to the needs of our clients, we have created additional modules that allow for a transparent and optimal way:

  • Carry out 5S, 6S, VRS audits, and supervise the so-called Safety walks,
  • Assess and implement Quick Kaizen employee ideas,
  • Assess the legitimacy and costs, then implement Engineering Changes.

Simple pricing

We use a simple and transparent pricing. Payment depends on the number of active users registered in the organization. Administrators (user type) have full control over users, so the price of the application remains under customer control.

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Continuous development of application

The application is regularly developed and improved. We also accept new functionalities and implement them whenever possible.

Data export to XLS

A large part of the information contained in the application can be accessed in the form of XLS files that can be generated and downloaded for detailed analysis.

XLS export button


To see the pricing, go to the distributor page.

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Get to know the Action Plan

Action Plan is an web-based application which improves coordination of action plans in a company, through easy assigning of tasks to individual members of the organization.
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I have been working for 4 years with the QK so I can write a few words of opinion.

It is a system that comprehensively allows you to manage employee ideas, which saves time compared to "excel" management.

After appropriate parameterization, a clear flow of ideas evaluation can be determined, and by assigning responsible persons and setting time limits, know exactly who should do what and when. Additionally, at each stage of this process, we can control the number of submitted ideas, the progress of evaluation and implementation of ideas.

All activities arising from ideas QK are automatically generated in the Action Plan system, with the assignment of responsible persons and time of implementation. Whenever you change the status of an idea, information is sent by e-mail, so the users are always up to date.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the system works on the basis of a web browser so it is easily accessible and fast. The advantage of this system is also its openness (support), because if necessary it can be changed and adapted to the requirements of a particular plant.

Tomasz Rupik
— Continous Improvement Coordinator at Cooper Standard

Frequently Asked Question

How to install Action Plan?

Good news - Good news - Action Plan does not need to be installed! This is an application that you launch in your web browser just like any other page. All you need to login is your email address and password.

How to start using the Action Plan?

Using the Action Plan requires having an account, which we'll create. To do this, complete the form above. We will contact you within 2 business days and propose the most favorable conditions for your organization.

How much does the Action Plan cost?

We have a very simple price list, under which, depending on your needs, you can choose one of five available packages. You do not incur any initial fees, and the monthly fee is only related to the number of user accounts you need.

Will I be able to add new users myself?

Yes! You can add users, manage the organization structure and perform many other administrative tasks. We give you an application that can be fully managed from an advanced and intuitive administration panel.

Will I receive email reminders for upcoming deadlines?

Yes! This is one of the main functions of the application, which we have always prioritized and refined in cooperation with clients. Thanks to this, users receive personalized messages and are fully informed about the most urgent actions to be carried out.

Is it possible to generate annual reports?

Yes! Each module has built-in reports that are available immediately on both the website and as an XLSX file. Thanks to this, you can export data and process it outside the application at any time.